• First Global Game For Flutists

    by The Babel Flute

    GAME RULES Welcome to the very first GLOBAL game for flutists, available with 100 languages! You are invited! And it is FREE! The Babel Flute team remembered that December 4th is the birthday of our beloved Ernesto K√∂hler, an Italian flute virtuoso who has worked all his life at the Imperial Theater in St. Petersburg […]

  • The Flute of OZ

    by Onorio Zaralli
    38 Lessonsin
    • The Flute of OZ - $149.99

    Course for flutists by Onorio Zaralli This course is the result of over 40 years of research. A thorough and meticulous study that begins with a knowledge of physiology (and its operation): this is where any conversation about the flute begins. As we will see in this course, the sound does not come from the […]

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  • A Tale of Music

    by Onorio Zaralli
    48 Lessonsin
    • A Tale of Music - $199.00

    Online course for musicians. Available with 100 languages.

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