A Tale of Music

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Online course for musicians and music lovers by Onorio Zaralli. Available in 100 languages.

48 lessons, enhanced with videos, audios, pictures, quizzes, curious facts, and more!


Online course for all musicians and music lovers by Onorio Zaralli

This course is intended to be an introduction to the study of music history through an encounter with the main characters, works and musical styles of the Western tradition.

Written in simple and direct language, it is intended for musicians and those who want to take an exploratory journey into the wonderful world of music for the first time.

This is not a specialized treatise: it simply offers a first approach to the history of artistic expression that never fails to fascinate.

The text is enriched with various types of “columns”: curious facts, focus, and listening suggestions that refer to YouTube videos illustrating the topics covered.

There are short quizzes at the end of the modules to make learning more fun and interactive.

At the end of the course are reference books – biographical cards of major composers and a brief dictionary of musical forms. They can be opened at any time to clarify and supplement information.

When you complete the course, you will be asked to take a timed test to receive a certificate of completion.

1 review for A Tale of Music

  1. Natalia Marashova

    Захватывающий текст! С первых строк завладевает вниманием так, что хочется читать дальше не останавливаясь. Достаточно кратко, и в то же время объемно и красочно. Интересно прописаны исторические детали эпохи, список композиторов внушителен, видеозаписи подобраны с большим вкусом и знанием стиля. Курс определённо обещает быть увлекательной как для широкой публики, так и для специалистов. С большим удовольствием буду читать его целиком! Спасибо за труд!

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